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Big Tex Trailers is the largest and fastest growing professional grade open trailer manufacturer in North America. Dealers and consumers alike have trusted Big Tex for their trailer needs for over 30 years. No other manufacturer offers the value that Big Tex offers its customers. However, having a good product is only part of the equation. Providing exceptional customer service and creating genuine partnerships with our dealers is the true secret to our success. In addition to manufacturing trailers with exceptional quality and premium features, Big Tex Trailers can offer your dealer.


Our frames are engineered for strength and stability by using framing fixtures to ensure maximum symmetry and proper alignment. This results in proper towing, even tire wear, and less strain on bearings.


Heavy gauge low carbon, high alloyed steel is used to absorb flex and help prevent trailer twist & steel fatigue. Frames are MIG welded upside down for better weld penetration and trailer stability.


Never second guess your ability to stop in situations where every second counts. Trailers with brakes include two braking systems, hydraulic and never adjust electric brakes, for a fail-safe back-up system that never needs adjusting.


Cambered axles sized for trailer load capacities with zero negative deflection, true tracking and maximum tire life. Only NEW tires specifically designed for a loaded trailer are used.


Big Tex Trailers have a finish that can rival any automotive paint finish… smooth and protective to resist corrosion! They look great and perform even better!


We stand behind every trailer with a written guarantee; When you call our warranty department, you’ll speak with someone that can handle your claim and not be passed off to other companies!


Have confidence knowing that a Big Tex Trailer is certified by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers to have met all established industry standards and federal motor vehicle safety regulations.


Big Tex Trailers has a reputation that people recognize for quality. Our customers can rest easy knowing that their new trailer will hold its value for years to come!


Big Tex is considered a leader in the professional trailer industry when it comes to performance and quality. Line-X of the Carolinas is one of more than 400 authorized dealers and retail outlets in all 50 US states and Canada. Our customers have access to great service at all times.


Big Tex Trailers has more trailers in more locations than any of our competitors.


From small single axle utility trailers to heavy duty equipment haulers, Big Tex Trailers offers a diverse selection of products for consumers.

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